OSIWA – Our Stories (2015)

Title OSIWA Our Stories
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OSIWA: Our Stories

Projects and partners working to build a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa

OSIWA’s work is driven by the vision, mission and values of creating an open society in West Africa – an environment where strong leaders and government institutions are accountable to their citizens, where natural resources are equitably distributed, and where human rights and rule of law prevail. Moving towards these goals, we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our work. Did we meet the goals we set out to achieve? What worked? What didn’t work? Where do we need to refocus? What lessons were learned? Ensuring our work has “impact” forms a buttress of how we monitor progress and evaluate successes.

At the beginning of every year, OSIWA takes a moment to step back and reflect on our work in the region over the preceding months. The work of grant-making and advocacy – especially in a region as diverse and dynamic as West Africa – is a constantly evolving endeavor. But even outside West Africa, knowing how to evaluate and what to evaluate are two key questions that have, for years, stirred debates within various circles of development actors.

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